Making the Best of Everything

I once read a quote that says “The happiest people on the planet don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.” I am discovering that this is very true of the people of Nicaragua. They have a close sense of community, take great pride in their work, and are incredibly creative.
I have watched them do some amazing things without what we would consider proper tools. For example, WEGO has a feeding program that provides food for about 250 kids a day. I have spent time in a hot, dimly light kitchen watching these women prepare the all of this food with just a few gas burners, some pots, and very few utensils.
I think about my pantry at home – how it is full of every kind of gadget that makes preparing food easy. Watching their creativity was amazing, and they do it without complaint – they simply make the best of everything. I know one of the things the Lord is teaching me is to stop and think through the things I choose to complain about in my life. It’s really beautiful how the Lord works – that while you reach out to others also He reaches out to you and gently teaches you something through it.
I just want to challenge you in this today – no matter where you are, find someone you can help and encourage. There are hurting people all around us. Pray that God will open your eyes to the needs of someone near you, and then ask Him to give you the wisdom and the courage to reach out to them. Chances are that once you do the Lord will not only work in their heart, but in your heart as well.

Here are a few pictures from the past 2 weeks.


Bacon Cheese Burger and Fries!!


We were making homemade juice for about 250 kids.



Fresh Pinapple Juice



Aaron was able to come and spend a week with us. It just does something to my heart to watch my family serve together.



There is so much beauty in this country.



Abbi loves that she can ride in the back of the truck. Mama does NOT like it!!



This is a family that has a special place in my father-in-law’s heart. He sent them some beans and rice, a bible, and a sweet note on the back of a picture of a cross.



This is their home.


Our wonderful translator and friend Miriam. She is working on the Marriage Innovator material. More about that later on the blog.


Our first class. we had 12 couples show up in the pouring down rain!



The sweet Gonzalez family! They make us feel like we are home.


Abbi absolutly loves playing with the kids in the Bible Club.


I dont think that I will ever be comfortable feeding children out of buckets, but I am so grateful that they do not go to bed hungry.



This is a public school class room.



They were very excited to get new bowls and toothbrushes!


This little girl’s name is Melissa. She is 8 years old. She wanted us to pray for her health so she can finish school and one day go to the University. She also wanted us to pray that her family would have food.



We went through the community and passed out clothes that Orphan Network donated to WEGO.



We had devotions and prayed with the staff at the school.


We also celebrated Stan’s Birthday. We have truly felt loved!


  1. Barbara/Mimi · · Reply

    Miss you three very much, but love to see how God is working there. What beautiful people all around you–the staff and the Nicaraguan people. Keep telling us all about it.


  2. wendy gresham · · Reply

    happy to hear that these people are being helped , we truly have a GOOD HEAVENLY FATHER. Take care of each other


  3. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of these pictures!


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