Cheryl and the Kids

I spent July 4th with a friend named Cheryl Spence. Let me take just a moment to tell you the amazing story of how we met, back in December of 2016. Stan and I were eating lunch together and talking about how we felt called to Nicaragua. We had already been there three times since June, and each time we went, we could not shake the feeling that God was calling us there in a greater capacity. But stepping out on faith is just plain scary and being the “second guess everything” person that I am I told Stan that I just wanted to be sure this was really God. We held hands in the kitchen and asked Him to show us very clearly so that there would be no doubt left in our minds. Then I finished my lunch and I went back to work.
I could not have been back to work for more than twenty minutes when in walked a lady named Cheryl. She sat down at my desk and asked to do a name change on a property. I said that I was very sorry but our office did not do that. She then saw a picture on my desk of a graffiti wall that said Nicaragua and asked “do you go to Nicaragua?” I said yes it a crazy story but I have been there three times since June. She then looked at me with the sweetest smile and said “I live there.” Y’all, I almost fell out of my chair! Stan and I had asked God to speak to us clearly 45 minutes before and He sent someone who lives in Nicaragua all the way to my office (the wrong office by the way) in Halls TN!!!!! Do you see what kind of God we serve? Nothing is too big for God; He hears our prayers and nothing can stand in the way of the work that He wants to accomplish. He not only sent Cheryl to my office – He also sent someone to her the day before and told her all about WEGO, the organization that we are working with. When she asked me “Are you with WEGO by any chance?” my eyes filled with tears. God works in the most beautiful ways!
Now it is July 4, 2017, and we are sitting in Cheryl’s house in Leon, Nicaragua. She lives about two and a half hours from where we are working in Jinotepe, but Stan and I had to go visit her. She is truly one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Cheryl has lived in Leon for the past 15 years. Cheryl takes children into her home from various situations. Some of the children are there due to the death of their parents, and many of them are handicapped or have some type of health issue. Cheryl does everything she can to get them the medical care they need.
Not only does she care for the 12 children currently living in her home, but she has also helped countless other children from all over Nicaragua find medical care. She even brings children to the States for surgeries they don’t have access to at home, like life-saving heart surgery, cleft palate procedures, and treatment for many other conditions. I watch as she loves on every single one of these kids (they all call her Mama). You can feel the sweetest presence of our Heavenly Father as you walk into her home. I struggle to find words to describe the love of Christ being lived out every day through the life of Cheryl – she is the very hands and feet of the body of Christ.
Will you please join with me and pray for Cheryl and her ministry? She is in the middle of a building project on a new home where she can and the children can live and where she can have adequate space to care for each child. The have been working on this for the past two years. Pray that our heavenly father will supply all of their needs. Pray that God will give her strength as she continually cares for these precious children. I am beyond grateful that God placed Cheryl in my life, and I know without a doubt it was not an accident that our paths crossed.


  1. Such an amazing story!!


  2. Ginny B · · Reply

    Tamera. I love this so much.
    So thankful for your time w her.


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