Why Nicaragua?

Although Nicaragua is considered the poorest country in Central America, it is rich in so many other ways. From the kindness and love we experience whenever we’re there, to the breathtaking landscape of the country. It only took one trip, and our lives were forever changed. We have felt the Lord call us to serve in Nicaragua. We also experience a powerful connection with our brothers and sisters in Christ each time we are there, which only deepens with each visit.

The lack of jobs and extreme poverty can make people feel hopeless and overwhelmed. This is why we feel so called to Nicaragua. To show the love to the broken, not only in tangible ways, but also through spiritual discipleship, because true hope is only found through Jesus Christ. Nicaragua is a beautiful country full of beautiful people with an eagerness to be set free and to know Christ in a deeper way. Our prayer is that somehow, we will be able to point people to the love and grace of God so that lives can be changed forever.

Who Are We?

Stan and I are trying to honor the call of God on our lives to live on mission. Our name, A Desire To Serve, sums it up exactly. We have a passion and desire to serve others by reflecting the love of Jesus Christ, not only in our local community, but also in Nicaragua. Our family has served in Nicaragua since 2016.

What Do We Do?

We want to help meet the deep need for discipleship in many of the churches we have visited in Nicaragua by coming alongside existing pastors and leaders by providing resources and relationships.

  • We have a deep passion for marriage and family restoration. One of our goals is to continue to teach couples how to have a God-centered marriage through a program called Marriage Innovators.
  • We are passionate about pouring into the youth group and the youth group leaders at the local church. Discipleship is vital to our ministry, and as we develop deeper relationships with these incredible people we hope to empower them to make disciples in their local communities. 

About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is located in Central America directly between Honduras and Costa Rica.

  • Spanish is the country’s official language.
  • Religion plays a big part in the lives of most Nicaraguans, with many practicing Catholicism.
  • The Córdoba is the national currency
  • Nicaragua is considered the poorest country in Central America.
  • It has the highest rates of poverty and unemployment
    • 75% of the country’s people live on less than $2 per day.
    • 48% of the citizens live below the poverty line.
  • Tourism is a huge source of income for many of the communities around the country. People come from all over the world to surf, hike the volcanoes and visit Lake Nicaragua.
  • Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America and is used as a water supply for many parts of the country.