When Stan and I started attending Fellowship we had been married twelve years, and like many couples we were just trying to get through the day to day. We both had jobs and we were shuffling kids back and forth. While we were participating in church and trying to make it appear as if we […]

I spent July 4th with a friend named Cheryl Spence. Let me take just a moment to tell you the amazing story of how we met, back in December of 2016. Stan and I were eating lunch together and talking about how we felt called to Nicaragua. We had already been there three times since […]

I once read a quote that says “The happiest people on the planet don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.” I am discovering that this is very true of the people of Nicaragua. They have a close sense of community, take great pride in their work, and are incredibly […]

I have been trying to write something for the past two evenings to keep everyone updated. We have been here a full week now, and just like all of our trips before this, I struggle to find the right words to explain what we are experiencing here. I could easily share with you many things, […]

We are flying out this afternoon and I am experiencing a full range of emotions. I am excited, scared, happy, and sad, all at the same time. It is funny how I have prayed for so long that God would use my family but when the time actually comes, I start freaking out a bit! […]

  Where do I begin? First off, I am not a writer. I repeat, I am not a writer! With that being said, I wanted to start a blog to share with our friends and family what God has been up to in our lives. Stan and I have been so blessed with such an […]